Underground Diesel Oil Filler Cap

Posted in Cummins Diesel, Duramax Diesel, Powerstroke Diesel on January 4, 2011 by Mike Meyer

Duramax Billet Oil CapAre you someone who takes care of their truck? Someone who likes the “little” things that make their truck what it is? Always pays attention to that last little detail? Well Underground Diesel has an item that may just catch your eye; And the eye of those who are looking under your hood. Now available are Billet Aluminum oil filler caps for your pickup. They are available for the Duramax (and said to work on quite a few other GM models), Powerstroke, and Cummins.  The oil filler cap uses the factory o-ring to seal off the factory cap to prevent any contaminants from entering the filler tube. Fits and functions like factory, but better quality, looks, and durability. Not only do they offer a few colors and designs, but you can custom order any design/color as well. Get in touch with www.UndergroundDiesels.com to order yours today!


AirDog Lift Pump/Filtration System

Posted in Cummins Diesel, Duramax Diesel on December 31, 2010 by Mike Meyer

AirDog Fuel PumpLooking for extra filtration,Increased Injector Pump life, optimized engine performance, and better filtration? Well let me point you to AirDog by Pureflow. On diesel trucks, the injection pump has to “pull” fuel from the fuel tank. This long run of fuel causes the injection pump to work harder than it has to. What a “lift pump” does is it pumps fuel from the tank, and provides positive pressure to the injection pump; Saving the injection pump this extra work. From this, you get longer service and less wear from your factory injection pump. If your truck is more performance minded, then you already know that if you turn up the fuel, you are going to need a lift pump. What happens is with modified trucks, they require more fuel flow to run the performance tune. This could be as simple as a small canned tuner or a full custom tune. The factory injection pump just can’t pull enough fuel to support the commanded fuel and you will not only miss out on the power you are expecting, but you will also throw Diagnostic Trouble Codes. An addition of a lift pump will provide the injection pump with all the fuel it needs to run your modified programming. It doesn’t stop there, the AirDog pump also adds extra filtration. It comes with a built-in water separator, and a fuel filter. This ensures you have clean fuel delivered to your injection pump and to your injectors. With the patented AirDog design, it will also remove air from the fuel system, providing better mileage and power from better fuel atomization in the cylinder. Installation of the AirDog pump is the easiest on the market. It requires no cutting of factory fuel lines like other products. It simply bolts to its mount, and the fuel lines all connect quickly with factory like connectors to your existing fuel system. Time and time again, AirDog is proven to be the best Lift Pump/Filtration system on the market.

Mike L. Allison Transmission Cooler Upgrade

Posted in Duramax Diesel on December 31, 2010 by Mike Meyer

Allison Transmission Cooler UpgradeWhether you are towing, racing, or living in a hot climate, at some point you have been worried about your transmission fluid temperature. The easiest method to rest your worries is to upgrade your transmission cooler (this is considering you have no transmission issues currently causing high temps). As you know for the Duramax, there really is no ‘bolt-in’ aftermarket transmission cooler…Or is there? Inglewood Transmission located in Fullerton, CA. also known for their performance transmission builds for the Duramax, offers a transmission  cooler that not only proves to be an awesome upgrade over the factory cooler, but it is a DIRECT BOLT-IN! What this means it there is no sourcing adapters, fittings, lines, mounting tabs, hardware, etc. Living in Las Vegas, NV. it gets quite hot here, and not only that, you find yourself in traffic very often. Now with the new trans cooler from Inglewood Transmission, also known as the ‘Mike L. Trans Cooler’ named after the owner of Inglewood Transmission and who spec’d this cooler out from Setrab, the results are impressive. Just seeing the trans temp max out a lot lower than we are used to puts a smile of your face. Across the board the temps run much lower. I have data from the factory cooler that I will compare to the upgraded cooler this summer, but for now I can already see a good bit of difference. An improvement you can be very happy with and one less thing to worry about. The Mike L. Trans Cooler is very reasonable priced. More details on that can be had by calling Inglewood Transmission.

I came across some information online where people have tried to build their own cooler, but its not a direct bolt-in, doesn’t fit well, doesn’t include the correct fittings (although they say they do), and the price savings really are not something to write home about. All in all, picking up the Mike L. Trans Cooler will give you more efficient trans fluid cooling, be an easy install, fit like factory, and provide years/miles of flawless operation.

The coolers are available for your 5 and 6 speed Allison Transmissions.

Inglewood Transmission Allison Cooler

Carriage Works, Inc. Billet Grill

Posted in Cummins Diesel, Duramax Diesel, Powerstroke Diesel with tags , on August 4, 2010 by Mike Meyer

With many aftermarket grills on the market, I found the billet grill made by Carriage Works, Inc. to be priced very reasonably, awesome fit, and sharp looking. The latest common thing these days is to remove the factory grill assembly and replace the entire area with a mesh style grill. I have always liked the look of the billet grills. It allows you to still retain some factory appearance, yet stand out. They still provide function of good air flow, yet enhance the front end look quite substantially. For me it was a no-brainer, color match the front end chrome by painting it, install a classic style billet grill, add a billet bow-tie, and stand out from the rest. While its not considered the popular full “murdered out” look, It sure is different and adds a little more class to the front end. Installation of the grill was simple, as you install over the factory grill. No cutting or drilling required. A few hand tools and the do-it-yourselfer can change the front end look in minutes.  If you would like more information or to see the full line-up of Carriage Works, Inc. grills, visit www.cwgrilles.com. They offer a wide range of grills and other appearance products proudly made in the U.S.A.

PPE Xcelerator Programmers

Posted in Cummins Diesel, Duramax Diesel, Powerstroke Diesel with tags on July 26, 2010 by Mike Meyer

One of the single most valuable and fun modifications you can do to your diesel truck is tune it. I had the enjoyment to run one of PPEs Xcelerator Programmers on my 2008 Duramax. PPE also carries programmers for you Dodge and Ford guys. The programmer is a simple to use hand held controller you plug into the OBD port on your truck. You select the tune you want, make any gear, speedometer, & tire size changes you want, and then it goes to work. It will pull your stock programming from the truck, save it for reloading later if needed, and load PPEs tune into the ECM.

On the Duramax they offer a  40 horsepower increase tune, up to a tire smoking 425 horsepower tune. Running the bigger tunes requires other heavy modifications, especially in the transmission, but the typical Duramax owner with starting out shouldn’t have an issue if they stay at or below level 4. Although I didn’t get a chance to check out actual mileage increase, I did notice that mileage seemed somewhat better. PPE guarantees a 2 to 3 mile per gallon increase. Offering four different models for the Duramax crowd with bigger power increases in each model, they are able to offer a reasonable price to anyone. The tunes are great for a wide range of use, whether its towing, general driving or racing. These programmers also offer a wide range of functions like read and clear Diagnostic Trouble Codes, read real-time data (for engine diagnostics), and has a transmission reset and quick learn feature. They are up-datable online through a USB port and also includes a nice carrying case.

I highly recommend this programmer and recommend it be one of the first items on your modification list.

Stanadyne Performance Formula

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I purchased Stanadyne Performance Formula based from online research. I was looking for a product that offered lubricity, cold weather protection, fuel mileage increase, and some sort of performance gain. I knew right off that the performance gain was a stretch in an additive, but it couldn’t hurt, right? Through research (owners manual backing up online claims) I found that Stanadyne was actually a GM approved fuel treatment. Based on its price and its claims I decided that this was my pick. I purchased a 64 fl. oz. bottle (good for 250 gallons) right around $30.00 locally and began my testing.

The first treatment and fill-up was with ULSD #2 from a local fuel station I frequent. After 20-30 miles on the tank, I noticed a little pep in city driving, nothing that great, but it seemed to be a hair better. This could have been my own mind trying to justify the purchase, or it actually could have been doing something; I choose the latter. I stuck to using the product with every fill-up and after a few tanks noticed that the engine seemed to run a little quieter and smoother. I would assume the extra lubricity I am picking up from it is doing some sort of good job. I was satisfied that at this point I may have gained some ‘pep’ and was for sure helped the fuel system out with a little extra lubrication. A quick injector balance rate check and they seemed to look improved from previous logs I have before using this product.

Now on to my other two concerns, cold weather and mileage. A trip from Las Vegas, NV. To Chicago, IL. ought to be a good test, seeing how I have made this trip three previous times and knew what to expect for fuel mileage. Starting out, hand calculating mileage pump to pump; I noticed maybe a tad of difference, but a positive difference. It was out on the flat interstates in the Midwest where I was starting to believe it was working, it was no 9.6% as they claim on their website, but it was a gain. By the end of the trip I saw a 4-5 percent average gain in mileage across the country, and a peak gain of 7 percent between tanks. The trip home resulted pretty much the same. Now in Chicago at the time, the temperature was down to around 10-20°F most of the time; it even dropped below zero at night. I never plugged the truck in being in a hotel, and I was not sure if it would get cold enough to gel the fuel, but with the Stanadyne in the tank and filter, I had no issues with starting or running.

So in my conclusion, Stanadyne Performance came through, and impressed me with all my concerns. I currently use the product all the time now and everything seems to be working well and I feel satisfied with the product. I recommend this product to any diesel owner, and Stanadyne also offers fuel treatment for other specific applications and conditions. See all their products at http://www.stanadyne.com.