Mike L. Allison Transmission Cooler Upgrade

Allison Transmission Cooler UpgradeWhether you are towing, racing, or living in a hot climate, at some point you have been worried about your transmission fluid temperature. The easiest method to rest your worries is to upgrade your transmission cooler (this is considering you have no transmission issues currently causing high temps). As you know for the Duramax, there really is no ‘bolt-in’ aftermarket transmission cooler…Or is there? Inglewood Transmission located in Fullerton, CA. also known for their performance transmission builds for the Duramax, offers a transmission  cooler that not only proves to be an awesome upgrade over the factory cooler, but it is a DIRECT BOLT-IN! What this means it there is no sourcing adapters, fittings, lines, mounting tabs, hardware, etc. Living in Las Vegas, NV. it gets quite hot here, and not only that, you find yourself in traffic very often. Now with the new trans cooler from Inglewood Transmission, also known as the ‘Mike L. Trans Cooler’ named after the owner of Inglewood Transmission and who spec’d this cooler out from Setrab, the results are impressive. Just seeing the trans temp max out a lot lower than we are used to puts a smile of your face. Across the board the temps run much lower. I have data from the factory cooler that I will compare to the upgraded cooler this summer, but for now I can already see a good bit of difference. An improvement you can be very happy with and one less thing to worry about. The Mike L. Trans Cooler is very reasonable priced. More details on that can be had by calling Inglewood Transmission.

I came across some information online where people have tried to build their own cooler, but its not a direct bolt-in, doesn’t fit well, doesn’t include the correct fittings (although they say they do), and the price savings really are not something to write home about. All in all, picking up the Mike L. Trans Cooler will give you more efficient trans fluid cooling, be an easy install, fit like factory, and provide years/miles of flawless operation.

The coolers are available for your 5 and 6 speed Allison Transmissions.

Inglewood Transmission Allison Cooler


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