PPE Xcelerator Programmers

One of the single most valuable and fun modifications you can do to your diesel truck is tune it. I had the enjoyment to run one of PPEs Xcelerator Programmers on my 2008 Duramax. PPE also carries programmers for you Dodge and Ford guys. The programmer is a simple to use hand held controller you plug into the OBD port on your truck. You select the tune you want, make any gear, speedometer, & tire size changes you want, and then it goes to work. It will pull your stock programming from the truck, save it for reloading later if needed, and load PPEs tune into the ECM.

On the Duramax they offer a  40 horsepower increase tune, up to a tire smoking 425 horsepower tune. Running the bigger tunes requires other heavy modifications, especially in the transmission, but the typical Duramax owner with starting out shouldn’t have an issue if they stay at or below level 4. Although I didn’t get a chance to check out actual mileage increase, I did notice that mileage seemed somewhat better. PPE guarantees a 2 to 3 mile per gallon increase. Offering four different models for the Duramax crowd with bigger power increases in each model, they are able to offer a reasonable price to anyone. The tunes are great for a wide range of use, whether its towing, general driving or racing. These programmers also offer a wide range of functions like read and clear Diagnostic Trouble Codes, read real-time data (for engine diagnostics), and has a transmission reset and quick learn feature. They are up-datable online through a USB port and also includes a nice carrying case.

I highly recommend this programmer and recommend it be one of the first items on your modification list.


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