AirDog Lift Pump/Filtration System

AirDog Fuel PumpLooking for extra filtration,Increased Injector Pump life, optimized engine performance, and better filtration? Well let me point you to AirDog by Pureflow. On diesel trucks, the injection pump has to “pull” fuel from the fuel tank. This long run of fuel causes the injection pump to work harder than it has to. What a “lift pump” does is it pumps fuel from the tank, and provides positive pressure to the injection pump; Saving the injection pump this extra work. From this, you get longer service and less wear from your factory injection pump. If your truck is more performance minded, then you already know that if you turn up the fuel, you are going to need a lift pump. What happens is with modified trucks, they require more fuel flow to run the performance tune. This could be as simple as a small canned tuner or a full custom tune. The factory injection pump just can’t pull enough fuel to support the commanded fuel and you will not only miss out on the power you are expecting, but you will also throw Diagnostic Trouble Codes. An addition of a lift pump will provide the injection pump with all the fuel it needs to run your modified programming. It doesn’t stop there, the AirDog pump also adds extra filtration. It comes with a built-in water separator, and a fuel filter. This ensures you have clean fuel delivered to your injection pump and to your injectors. With the patented AirDog design, it will also remove air from the fuel system, providing better mileage and power from better fuel atomization in the cylinder. Installation of the AirDog pump is the easiest on the market. It requires no cutting of factory fuel lines like other products. It simply bolts to its mount, and the fuel lines all connect quickly with factory like connectors to your existing fuel system. Time and time again, AirDog is proven to be the best Lift Pump/Filtration system on the market.


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