Stanadyne Performance Formula

I purchased Stanadyne Performance Formula based from online research. I was looking for a product that offered lubricity, cold weather protection, fuel mileage increase, and some sort of performance gain. I knew right off that the performance gain was a stretch in an additive, but it couldn’t hurt, right? Through research (owners manual backing up online claims) I found that Stanadyne was actually a GM approved fuel treatment. Based on its price and its claims I decided that this was my pick. I purchased a 64 fl. oz. bottle (good for 250 gallons) right around $30.00 locally and began my testing.

The first treatment and fill-up was with ULSD #2 from a local fuel station I frequent. After 20-30 miles on the tank, I noticed a little pep in city driving, nothing that great, but it seemed to be a hair better. This could have been my own mind trying to justify the purchase, or it actually could have been doing something; I choose the latter. I stuck to using the product with every fill-up and after a few tanks noticed that the engine seemed to run a little quieter and smoother. I would assume the extra lubricity I am picking up from it is doing some sort of good job. I was satisfied that at this point I may have gained some ‘pep’ and was for sure helped the fuel system out with a little extra lubrication. A quick injector balance rate check and they seemed to look improved from previous logs I have before using this product.

Now on to my other two concerns, cold weather and mileage. A trip from Las Vegas, NV. To Chicago, IL. ought to be a good test, seeing how I have made this trip three previous times and knew what to expect for fuel mileage. Starting out, hand calculating mileage pump to pump; I noticed maybe a tad of difference, but a positive difference. It was out on the flat interstates in the Midwest where I was starting to believe it was working, it was no 9.6% as they claim on their website, but it was a gain. By the end of the trip I saw a 4-5 percent average gain in mileage across the country, and a peak gain of 7 percent between tanks. The trip home resulted pretty much the same. Now in Chicago at the time, the temperature was down to around 10-20°F most of the time; it even dropped below zero at night. I never plugged the truck in being in a hotel, and I was not sure if it would get cold enough to gel the fuel, but with the Stanadyne in the tank and filter, I had no issues with starting or running.

So in my conclusion, Stanadyne Performance came through, and impressed me with all my concerns. I currently use the product all the time now and everything seems to be working well and I feel satisfied with the product. I recommend this product to any diesel owner, and Stanadyne also offers fuel treatment for other specific applications and conditions. See all their products at


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